July 30, 2009

Wood Camp by Mystique Designs (16th GSO)

Mystique Designs had new kit called Wood Camp. Wood Camp is all about trees, huts, old tree branches and everything that comes to our minds where we think about camping.

Many people spend their summer holidays going camping in the woods, so this kit will help you immortalize your memories in your layouts. Or if not, you can always use your imagination.

You can buy this amazing kit @ Oscraps

Here is the preview :

Here is my pages :

Photo-My DS______GSO-ed by Jimena

Photo-My DS


Emma said...

dua duanya kerennnn!

Widie said...

wuaahh keren Irma!!!!!!!!!!!
aku suka LO yang pertama, fotonya jg bagus, pas banget dehdg papernya!!!

Kitnya keren2 yaaa...

Nia said...

Awesome LO as always :)

Nunik Achmad said...

Aku suka yg kedua, so dreamy.
Great composition!