June 30, 2009

Quirky Park by Paperbag Studios

New kit from Paperbag Studios, called Quirky Park. This kit has a collection of garden elements with fun paper flowers, soft and textured papers and a mix of other elements for the perfect summer layouts!

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June 29, 2009

Cause My Daddy Loves Me by MIA Design

Another mini kit from MIA Design, called Cause My Father Loves Me. This kit is perfect for father's day. Full of love and bright colors . Show your Dad how much you love him.

You can buy this kit @ Scrap-N-Tag store.

The pereview of Cause My Father Loves Me :

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June 28, 2009

Memories by Mia Design

New kit from MIA Design, called MEMORIES. Life gives us brief moments with another ... but in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time ... Want to scrap your memories? You can buy this beautiful kit @ Scrap-N-Tag store.

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June 25, 2009

Sea Side Story by SheDevil's Designs

New kit from SheDevil's Designs, called Sea Side Story. This kit is for scrap beach and summer time photos. You can buy this wonderful kit @ Sunflower Scrap.

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Photo-My DS

Photo-My friend's DD, Zeeva

June 23, 2009

White Reflections [Full Kit] By Em-Ka Designs (4th GSO)

New kit from Em-Ka Designs, called White Reflections. This is a kit composed of 80 original elements, alphabet and 12 special papers (each of my own authorship) which will help you create setting to your memories. The memories that will bring back the first moments of your child’s life, a souvenir from a wedding, a walk, a card with greetings or a souvenir from your first Holy Communion.

White flowers give elegance and lightness, the chosen colours are subtle and pleasing to the eye. I am sure that working with this kit will be enjoyable and will give a lot of satisfaction.

You can buy this wonderful kit @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Here is the preview of White Reflections :

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June 22, 2009

Stormy by PST Designs

Hi ibu2 layout aka bulay!!! Jangan heran ya liat aku jadi CT dibanyak tempat hehehe. Lagi kecanduan nge-LO, ga tahan ga liat thread "calls" di DST, lalu apply deh *gelang2 kepala*.

Aku belom bisa bersikap bijak nih, tapi sekarang aku hanya jadi CT kalo peraturannya ga terlalu ketat. Misalnya nih dari 7 designers, 5 designers ga harusin aku untuk selalu bikin LO, hanya kit2 yang aku mau. Di Scrap-N-Tag store aku boleh pilih kit yang aku mau di store itu, sebulan cuma 2 kit.

Biasanya sehari aku bikin 1 LO, itupun kalo Vian di sekolah, lalu main di DST kalo Vian tidur. Bikin LO tiap hari itu harus, kenapa? soalnya kalo lagi ga ada kit, aku ngemil *nepok jidat*. Padahal aku udah harus mulai mengurangi berat badan untuk melaksanakan program yang lain.

Back to scrap ya...

Amazing kit from PST Designs, called Stormy. This is kit for all the rainy days. Stormy is playing with the gold flashes, gold flash lights and dark clouds and background.

You can buy this amazing kit @ Scrap-N-Tag store.

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June 20, 2009

Impressions Of Whimsy By Studiogirls

June collaborative project from The Studio Girls, called Impressions Of Whimsy, you'll find this collection full of whimsy.

Participating this month are: Berna Datema, Baers Garten Designs, Birgit Kerr, Coralie, Doris Castle, Ellie Lash, Em-ka Designs, Flergs, Glam Fairy, Hélène Douchet, Hillary Heidelberg, sussieM, Manu Zimmerman, Peta Boardman, Miss Vivi, Phuong Ton, Tangie Baxter, and Wendyzine Scraps. These designers provide you with the following wonderful pieces which will inspire your next fanciful page!

You can find this wonderful kit @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

The preview of Impressions Of Whimsy :

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Photo-Maissa Andromeda

June 18, 2009

Adelaide by Galiscrap

New kit from Galiscrap, called Adelaide. This kit has a beautiful soft colours and beautiful elements! You can buy this kit at Digital-Crea.

Here is the preview :

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Just A Boy by My Crevette (3rd GSO)

New kits from My Crevette, called Just A Boy and Just A Girl. Here are the kits which will plunge you into the magnificent world of the little boys and little girls!! Since I have a cute little boy, so I choose Just A Boy.

You can buy this kit @ Digiscrapbooking.ch. If you buy Just A Boy kit and Just A Girl kit you will get 25% off!!

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June 16, 2009

Simply Us by Chouk77

New kit from Chouk77, called Simply Us. This kit is full of beautiful elements and soft colours!! Fit for boy or girl pages. You can buy this kit at Scrpamalin store.

The preview of Simply Us :

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Photo-My friend's DD

June 14, 2009

In the Name of Love by Schaarka (2nd GSO)

This week I choose In the Name of Love Clusters, Design by Schaarka from Scrap-N-Tag store. I am also take In the Name of Love kit and In the Name of Love WA.

These kits are suitable for any festive occasion. Very useful and versatile. You can buy these kits at Scrap-N-Tag store.

Here is the previews :

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Photo-deviantArt, GSO by Enique

Photo-My friend's DD, Nazwa

June 11, 2009

Colourful Island Of Treasures by Em-Ka Designs

Have you ever dreamt of having a wonderful souvenir from a trip by the sea?? Have you brought souvenirs from the ocean? Can you imagine an enormous amount of colours and exotic sea animals??

Now you have a chance to move to that mysterious world and conjure up something for you and your relatives, friends.

Colourful fish, crabs, starfish, amazing plants, shells and marvellous depths are only some pieces of what Em-Ka offering in her kit, called Colourful Island Of Treasures.

You can buy this wonderful kit at Scrapbookgraphic.com.

Here is the preview of
Colourful Island Of Treasures :

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June 10, 2009

Summer Breeze by Galiscrap

New kit from Galiscrap, called Summer Breeze. I love this kit, it is so wonderful! Full of cute elements and bright colours. You can buy this kit at Digital-Crea.

Here is the preview of Summer Breeze :

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Photo-My friend's DD, Maissa

June 8, 2009

Morning Melody by Collaboratif Designers at Scrap-N-Tag

Breakfast in the grass? Why not?!! Get Morning Melody FREE with any purchase over US$10 during the month of June, only at Scrap-N-Tag Store!

Here is the preview of Morning Melody :

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Photo-My friend's DD, Maissa

June 6, 2009

Space Jam by SheDevil's Designs

SheDevil bring you a space adventure, fun and bright colour kit, called Space Jam.

You can use this kit for boys and girls both. Also, included great girt - FREE "Space Jam" word art with the purchase!!!

Space Jam kit available @ Sunflower Scrap.

Here is the preview of Space Jam :

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Fresh Attitude by Chouk77

New kit from Chouk77, called Fresh Attitude. You can find so many colourful elements and backgroud papers in this kit.

Fresh Attitude available at Scrapmalin.

The preview of Fresh Attitude :

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June 5, 2009

Lagoon by Cali

New kit from Cali, called Lagoon. You can get this kit for free if you by 2 kits from Cali. This kit available at Boutique-digiscrap.com by Pepete13.

Here is the preview of Lagoon :

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June 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home by Chouk77

New kit from Chouk77, called Home Sweet Home, available at Boutique-digiscrap.com by Pepete13.

Here is the preview of Home Sweet Home :

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