October 29, 2009

Princess by Starlight Designs (79th - 80th GSO)

Photo by smile_d _____ GSOed by Luciana Orikassa and Jimena

Photo by JensStockCollection _____ GSOed by Jimena

I made these pages with Princess kit by Starlight Designs. You can buy this beautiful kit @ Digital-Crea.

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October 28, 2009

Nice Age by Marta van Eck (78th GSO)

New kit from Marta van Eck, called Nice Age. This kit is inspired from Ice Age, so if you like Ice Age the movie, you will sure like this kit. There are also some funny animals like mammoth, white tiger, white cat and squirrel. A lot of nuts and some water. But first af all there is really plenty of snow, frost and ice. The good news is this kit is suitable for your christmas page too :)

Take a look to this ellements preview :

Do you want to play with great winter scenes like north pole, glaciers and ice rink? There also a lot of patterned papers frost with snow and decorate with snowflakes and icicles.

Check this out :

You can get this fabulous kit @ gottapixel.

Here is my pages :

Photo My DS Davian _____ GSOed by Lisadee

Photo of Marta's DS

October 27, 2009

If You Forget Me by Mystique Designs (76th - 77th GSO)

Photo by atistatplay _____ GSOed by Jimena

Photo by fotouczniak _____ GSOed by KimberlyRae

New kit from Mystique Designs, called If You Forget Me. Wonderful kit with warm colours.

Available @ OSCRAPS.

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The Breath Of Autumn by Em-ka Designs (74th - 75th GSO)

Do you know the real sunny gold autumn that smells like forest and fruits? I remember such autumn when I was in Paris. For the first time I saw this beautiful gold-red season, I know that I do really fall in love with this season.

Oh - I still feel this wonderful breath of autumn!

You are all invited to get a few memories and a new kit entitled "The Breath of Autumn" made by Em-ka Designs. The kit includes many treasures of marvellous sunny autumn, a few memories and huge joy.

Available @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Look at this preview :

and my pages :

Photo by atistatplay _____ GSOed by Jimena

Photo by atistatplay _____ GSOed by Nia and Moni Singer

October 26, 2009

Beautiful Day by MaryPop Design (73rd GSO)

Photo by moonchild _____ GSOed by LelaFleet

I was used wonderful new kit from MaryPop Design to made this page, called Beautiful Day. You can buy this kit @ Digisrap Mania Shop.

Here is the preview :

October 25, 2009

Autumn Blues by Sarah Designs (71st - 72nd GSO)

Clear blue sky ,
golden veil underfoot ,
gentle memories ,
light nostalgie ,
quiet rustle

Autumn is my favorite season when I was in Paris. I love the colours of autumn, falling leaves, a little bit of rain, but still autumn is wonderful!!!

New kit from Sarah Designs, called Autumn Blues. Absolutely wonderful autumn kit!! I love it so much!!

You can buy this kit @ SunFlower Scrap.

Here is the preview :

My pages :

Photo from Deviant At _____ GSOed by Jimena

October 24, 2009

Lil Cowboy by Sashinamama Designs (70th GSO)

I was RAK-ed by Sashinamama Designs with her new kit, called Lil Cowboy.

This kit available @ ScrapBird and Dreamland Digital Designs.

Here is the preview :

My page :

October 21, 2009

First Love by Starlight Designs and K Designs (68th and 69th GSO)

Wonderful collab between Starlight Designs and K Designs, called First Love.

Available @ Digital-Crea.

Here is the preview :

My pages :

Photo by fotograff _____ GSOed by Jimena

Photo by cocoa _____ GSOed by Jimena

October 19, 2009

Follow Your Dream by Damayanti Studio (67th GSO)

"Follow your dream..." is a new style from Damayanti Studio. If you like clear and simply style, you will love this kit.

You can buy this kit @ Sunflower Scrap or Dreamland Digital Designs.

Here is the preview :

My page :

GSOed by Billa and Jimena

October 16, 2009

Golden Life by Mystique Designs (65th and 66th GSO)

Kemarin2 aku agak jenuh dengan scrapping, sampai2 mulai ngurangi jadi CT. Dari 11 sampai tinggal 6 CT, tapi sekarang aku mulai ketagihan lagi!!! Aku mulai seneng cari2 photo2 keren di Deviant Art, tapi... designer-ku ga ada yang punya kit baru... Jadi aku putuskan untuk apply CT Call lagi. Kali ini aku apply yang reqirement-nya cuma 1 page/kit.

Keterima di MaryPop. Nah kebetulan nih 15 Okt kemarin aku ultah *ayo ayo doain yang baik2 ya :)*. Aku terima ucapan dari beberapa designer, termasuk Em-ka yang PM aku lewat forumnya, padahal aku udah resign dari CT membernya. Kaget juga karena aku masih bisa masuk forumnya, sekalian deh liat2 kit barunya. Ternyata kit barunya mantab banget!!!! Aku bisa aja langsung download, tapi itu kayak mencuri kali ya??? Jadi aku PM dia dan nawarin diri untuk jadi CT-nya lagi :) Senangnya, karena diterima lagi :)

Back to scrap :

New kit from Mystique Designs, called Golden Life.

When every day brings us joy, every moment is worth its weight in gold. This kit contains 60 unique elements that blend gold, white and green. Also included are 8 high resolution papers in 3600x3600, 300 dpi.

Available @ OSCRAPS.

Here is the preview :

Here is my pages :

Photo by oprisco _____ GSOed by Jimena

Photo by mediocre_matt _____ GSOed by Moni Singer

October 13, 2009

Circus by Fly Pixel Studio (63rd and 64th GSO)

New kit from Fly Pixel Studio, called Circus. Do you love circus? I do!!! Because in circus I will find the magic world of neverending joy and happiness.

This kit is very versatile and can be used also for birthdays and every unforgettable happy moments in life.

You can buy this kit @ PickleberryPop or ScrapBird.

Here is the preview :

My pages :

October 11, 2009

Joyfull Fall by Starlight Designs (61st and 62nd GSO)

New kit from Starlight Designs, called Joyfull Fall. You will found so many cute elements in this kit!!!

You can buy this kit @ Digital-Crea.

Here is the preview :

My pages :

Photo my friend's DD Maissa _____ GSOed by jimena

RAK for Emma, her lovely niece, Tassel _____ GSOed by Jimena

October 8, 2009

Le Comte the Greyscale by Marta Van Eck (60th GSO)

New halloween kit from Marta Van Eck, called Le Compte the Greyscale. You can find here funny Vampire ( count Greyscale), weird skeletons, scary frames, ugly bugs, creepy trees, some mushrooms, thorny doodles, bizarre furniture and a lot of elements to prepare many spaced out pages.

Here is the preview :

Don't forget to buy these scenery papers :
deserted graveyard, spooky rooms, haunted house and foggy landscapes. In this scenery pack you can also find papers stylized on black and white old cinema movies. With this kit you can change every page into old cinema frame.

Here is the preview :

How about the alphas to make your pages perfect? Letter decorated with ANTIQUATED pattern fastened on vintage wood. This alpha coordinated with Le Comte the Greyscale.

Here is the preview :

You can buy this kit @ gottapixel or Sunflower scrap

Here is my pages :

Photo by miisboux

October 7, 2009

Words by Mystique Designs

In autumn, when it's cold outside, we sit around the house a lot. We talk a lot, sipping hot tea, sometimes we'll go for a walk. Whatever we do, words play an important role in our lives. When a family spends their free time talking, it can be the best time of our lives. Autumn is a season that prepares us for winter nights spent together.

New kit from Mystique Designs, called Words. This wonderful kit available @ Oscraps.

Here is the preview :

My pages :

October 6, 2009

Birthday Sale from Mystique Designs

Brydka (Mystique Designs) will celebrate her birthday on 10.8.09. One chance to grab her stuff 50 % Off. Available only from 10.7.09 until 10.8.09.

Check out her store @ OSCRAP. Don't miss it!!!

October 5, 2009

My Little Girl by Katrins Designs (59th GSO)

I was RAK by Vanessa06 with Katrin's Designs kit, called My Little Girl. The Kit "My littly Girl" is really a girldream. It is cheerful, funny and really cute. With this kit you can design absolutly sweet pages for girls and womens.

You can buy this kit @ Scrap Dreams.

Here is the preview :

My page :

Photo by Fairiegoodmother _____ GSOed by Jimena