January 18, 2010

Journal Your Mounths by Gabs-Art (137th GSO)

My pages :

Photo my DS at his school _____ GSOed by Jimena

Photo my DS Davian


Emma said...

Ohhh yang ini toh style barunya......wiiii keren emang.....!
suka deh, berasa kumplit! perfect pages!!!

congrats ya dear utk ct barunya....:)

Widie said...

wow..kereenn journalnyaaa!!!!! akhir2 ini kayaknya irma suka page yg minimalis yaa...atu emang kitnya lg yg model begini...heheh..

Nia said...

Simply stunning LOnya... Berubah style jd simple and clean ya Irma :)

gabs aka evitangel said...

your pages are so awesome. I so wish you had a chance to stay. if you ever feel like coming back let me know hun!
all the best,