December 4, 2009

Time To Go To Bed by Marta van Eck (108th - 109th GSO)

It Is Time To Go To bed by Marta van Eck is designed to decorate all that sleeping babies and kids photos. You will find here some cosy pillows in warm blues and brown colours, vintage baby cradle, funny buggy in two versions ( with and without lacy umbrella), clock with separate saved hands so you can set the time individual, wooden frame, fluffy sheep and clouds , magical baby lamp, some feathers and many other useful elements.

Available @ gottapixel.

Here are the preview :

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Photo by cutebabypictures _____ GSOed by Moni Singer

Photo by chrisstina _____ GSOed by Moni Singer


Widie said...

Wowwwww...Kitnya Marta emang kereenn yaaa...pagesnya Irma selalu deh amazing!!!!!!!!!idenya itu lhoooo segeerrrr hehehe...bunga kalii..!!seneng liatnya!!!

Emma said...

paling suka no 2....
super cute ^_^

Nunik Achmad said...

Kayaknya aku kemarin dah koment deh, kok gak ada ya...brarti komentnya gak sukses..he..he

Fantastic LOs!!!!!!

Btw, fans berat Irma nambah lagi nih, dua2nya di GSO-ed orang yg sama....