December 10, 2009

Cosy Attic by Marta van Eck (115th - 116th GSO)

Cozy attic by Marta van Eck. This kit has a lot of old, vintage stuff, antique frames, some o can junk from the past and some dust of course. You also can find old phonograph, antique baby carriage, vintage TV, pilot hat, old shoe, worn wooden frames, rusted bathtub, really old armchair and a lot attic junk.

Available @ gottapixel.

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Photo from the web _____ GSOed by DolceVita

Photo my DS Davian _____ GSOed by Moni Singer


Nia said...

spt biasa, LOnya keren!!!

peni astiti said...

hebat, ma! kesannya aku gi baca buku cerita yang spooky gitu! hihihi... picture paints thousands word! two thumbs up!

Emma said...

fotonya dua2nya pun pas!!!

Nunik Achmad said...

What a cool scene!!!!!!!!!