October 4, 2009

Little Genius Vol.2 I Love Biology by Marta Van Eck

I am new CT member for gorgeous designer, Marta Van Eck!!! I love her kits since the first time I saw Emma's page using her kit :)

So here is my first kit from Marta Van Eck :

"Biology (from Greek βιολογία - βίος, bios, "life"; -λογία, -logia, study of) is the science of studying living organisms."

Cell theory, evolution, genes, energy, animals.... this all you can find in this one kit.

You wonder if it is possible to decorate your pages with paramecium and other forms of life? Try this kit and surprise yourself. There is life in this kit!

There are different kind of flowers, mushrooms, trees and wooden frames. You can also find here some unusual elements like a brain in the jar, skeleton, viruses or all kind of bugs. There are also some elements for doodle fans. And the crazy professor is wearing doctor's gown...

From paramoecium, diatom through trichomonad and molluscs to mammals like bear, beaver and...of course people.

Here is the preview of elements pack :

Marta Van Eck also made papers pack for this kit. You can find here 3 perspective papers and 25 ordinary papers.

Place you scenes in the Natural History Museum , Biology class and in wild forest. You can find here papers decorated with different forms of bacteria, grass and fungus.

Here is the preview :

You can buy this kit @ gottapixel or Sunflower scrap.

Here is the pages that I have made from this kit :


Nunik Achmad said...

Aku sebenernya juga tertarik sama kitnya si MVE ini, tapi begitu tahu harus bikin 3 LOs (sekarang 2 LOs), daku ngeper duluan, gak sanggup deh..

CTku yg sekarang semua cuma 1 LO!!!!

Nia said...

Wonderful kit and LOs!!

Widie said...

wuaahhhhh kitnya emang beda yaaaaa...
pagenya Irma emang cool..muantabbb kereennn suka yg kedua lucuuu dehhh

Fenny Sakurawati said...

Suka dech liat yang foto di zoom.... keren!

Emma said...

suka banget sama yg keduA!!!!!!Vian....vian...kamu cute banget deh....kapan bisa ketemu kamu yak.....