September 30, 2009

Dream Land by SheDevil's Designs (53rd and 54th GSO)

New kit from SheDevil's Designs, called Dream Land. This kit is colorful and fun - perfect for kids and not grown kids too :)

You can buy this kit @ SunFlower Scrap.

Here is the preview :

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Photo by JazzaMaTazz100 _____ GSOed by Ganderinka


Fenny Sakurawati said...

Keren2 bngt 2-2nya...! keren bngt jg kitnya yach!

Nia said...

Sweet sekali LOsnya!! Kitnya cocok bgt utk anak-anak.

Emma said...

bagus2 banget los nya...paling demen yg poto vian.....!!!