November 14, 2009

Big Movie by Mystique Designs (90th - 91st GSO)

Our lives are like Big Movie. Everyday is a new episode of a series, a new script that's more important than the last one. New characters show up - our children, friends, our loves. It's a Big Screenplay, one that doesn't fall under any genre, because every day is different. One day is like a bed of roses, another will be an action thriller.

This kit is based on the fact that we're our own best stars of our lives. And we, and our children, play the key parts. We are all special and every moment precious.

This is a new kit form Mystique Designs. You can buy this kit @ OSCRAPS.

My pages :

Photo my DS Davian _____ GSOed by Fenny Sakurawati

Photo my DS Davian _____ GSOed by Jimena


Nia said...

Wonderful LOs!!! Nia telat banget br nyetor LO utk kit ini kemaren hihihi.

Nunik Achmad said...

So cool pages,
Tapi aku suka yg kedua, coooool bangetz, ekspresi Vian itu loh, lain2, kereeen!!!!

Emma said...

vian...vian kamu manis sekali sih, cocok jd model mama emang....
segala ekspresi vian punya....

Paling demen sama lo yg kedua....manis bangett!!!!!