August 27, 2008

My Baby Boy

Oh I am really happy! I just finnished my layout for my cute little boy Davian Azaril Faheem Buana. Oh I love it!

The picture was captured on Septembre, 2005, when he was 6 months. Now he is 3 years-and-5 months old. Thanks God for give me a trust to have him in my life.

Thanks to :

Tout be happy by Fol for the great paper.
Renae's Natures Gifts for the border.
SP Promise for the Red Flower.
SP Promise for Floral Garden.

Here the poem that I have made on this layout :

So my baby is here!
What joy and what pleasure!
His smile are more precious
Than anything in this world

What else could bring me so much joy
As the arrival of my baby boy
He is just what I wanted
My boy! My son!

Baby let me tell you what I feel
Baby let me love you till the end
Oh baby my hearts is yours
Now and then

I love you from the very start
Our life together has just begun
You're part of me my little one
My mind was filled with thougths of you



AmeyasA said...

cakep banget, so touching ,ma....aku suka layout yg ini....

poem nya aku suka,kapan2 boleh pinjem poemnya ya hihi....

btw ma, tampilannya disini agag abur, klo di klik baru jelas banget,

ma gimana kalo irma kecilin wae ukurannya say, 500px gitu, juga biar ngirit volume aplodan ke bloggernya kan lumayan ma...and tampilannya juga clear ntar....